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doveThank you for dropping by. To assist you in finding the various items that we are featuring here, please check out the following.

On this, the first or HOME page, you will find interesting and informative articles that will enlighten you in your search through the Word of God, as well as practical features that will help in your everyday existence. Articles written by Dr. Webb-Young as well as by guest contributors will be found here.

At the top of each page, just under our banner, are tabs that will take you to other pages that are explicit to the titles; the Contact page will lead you through the steps to contact us in the Ministry. Also, our Mission statement as well as a list of our Beliefs are shown.


From time to time we will feature items for sale that will enrich your walk and they will be found on the Bookstore page.   And, Coming Events for the Ministry as well as Dr. Webb-Young’s schedule of speaking engagements will be displayed.

On the left, just under Pastor Webb-Young’s portrait are additional features and links.

Since this is an ever-expanding Ministry, new and additional features, advancements and improvements will come forth as we grow. So, visit this site often to be kept up-to-date with the latest from Chosen Generation Ministries!

6 thoughts on “Exploring The Site”

  1. What a great job you have done Pastor. I’m so proud of the good work you have done. May God continue to bless you. I will be visiting the site for more information. Love you to life! Stay Blessed. Irene Cooper

  2. Pastor Ivory!
    Great job on your website I know that you can do all things with the help of Christ, be bless and keep doing what god want you to do not man.
    Deacon Smith

  3. Pastor Ivory, this is so wonderful that God has allowed you put this web site together for his glory. I know you will continue to do Gods will and allow God to direct your every move. Continue to heal and encourage the world with the word of God be blessed. Love you always and forever Claudine Webb

    1. Every time I come on your website I truly thank God for the daily inspiration. My you pastor Ivory continue to allow God to use you mighty in this world. I love you very much

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